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The Star Theater, previously called Princess Theater and a number of other names, is an old historic former silent movie theater in Portland, Oregon. The original address was 9 Northwest Sixth Avenue, however since 2021 it has long been relocated to its current address on Southwest Sixth Avenue in the heart of the Sellwood Building. This change came about because of the fact that the present owner wanted a more modern design for his theater. He also hoped to attract more people to this highly popular theater, which he does with great success.

The structure of this popular movie house is set on what is known as a vertical composition, which means that the actual frame of the building is much higher than its horizontal position. This allows for much more dramatic effects, such as when the camera pans from one side of the star theater to the other. Because of the vertical composition, this type of picture is very clear and free of motion. Many movie theaters do not employ the use of this particular type of composition, because they tend to use the horizontal format more often.

What you will find inside the auditorium are four large stages, which provide for four different genres of entertainment. There are musicals, dramas, comedy shows, and films. There is also a stage at the front of the theater that can be used for open air movies. Another great thing about this theater is that the seats are plush, comfortable, and well cushioned. Many times there is a choice of a leather or vinyl recliner chair within easy reach of every seat.

If you are looking for a place to have your wedding or a birthday party, the Sellwood Broadway Theater is the place to be! Not only does it offer you a wide array of live entertainment, but it is also conveniently located close to the Portland Convention Center, the Rose Garden, Nike Theater, and the University of Oregon. It is one of the most convenient places in all of Portland for any type of special event. For example, if you are having a large party, you can even rent a limo to pick up your guests from the Sellwood Broadway Theater, and make your way to the various venues in the downtown area.

Another favorite among movie lovers is the Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood. What started off as just a bowling alley has expanded into an entire two-block complex where one can enjoy drinks and dinner before heading out to the stars. This location also offers several restaurants and bars for patrons to peruse while in the waiting room. The Hollywood Bowl is known to feature one of the best views in town. Plus, it is close enough to the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame to have easy access to it.

What is it about the Portland Traillight Complex that makes so many people want to go there? Well, for one thing, the prices are great. The admission prices are very reasonable, especially considering the quality of the shows that are offered each night. You will find popular theater events and even concerts hosted here on a regular basis. Even though the prices are high, they still manage to remain very attractive to visitors because of the number of shows that are continually offered.

If you love visiting movies but can’t seem to make it out to the multiplex, you should check out the new Main Street Cinema. It is located in the newly renovated Riverfront Plaza area. It is one of the newest movie theaters in the area, and you will definitely see why it is so popular with tourists and locals alike. You will be able to view many new and current movies at this facility. There are many shows currently running, as well as classic favorites.

When considering which place in Portland you would like to take your family or friends for a night out, the top two options have to be the Sellwood Broadway theaters and the Hollywood Bowl. Each of them offer an array of different attractions for those who visit. The Hollywood Bowl has been around since 1932, while the Sellwood Broadway Theater has consistently was showing successful shows since it opened. If you prefer outdoor fun, neither of these locations offers anything less than spectacular scenery and beautiful surroundings. You will not regret seeing either of these venues during your time in Portland.

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